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tv   [untitled]    July 27, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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the crucial battle for syria's commercial capital pits rebels against the regime as fears of a new master soar with a rising to. the olympic flame is to be within hours in the british capital but many londoners are feeling left out of the spectacle and instead. overwhelmed by traffic and restrictions. and a u.s. strategy shift as a washington goes on a major head hunt for hackers in hopes they can actually use their skills to help the government. a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at r.t. moscow. the battle for syria's largest city it's now in full swing with activists saying become the scene of yet another massacre many residents are fleeing as rebel
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forces and government troops converge for a decisive clash dozens of reportedly been killed in the nation's economic hub over the past twenty four hours while schools are also said to have died in and around damascus the former head of the u.n. mission to syria says the fall of assad's government is simply a matter of time some countries are calling for humanitarian corridors to be set up but russia says that would simply help the rebels and their foreign patrons fuel the conflict even further. as the latest from damascus. the efforts to put an end to violence in syria or on the country to stoke tensions in this country that depends on your worldview or worse still continuing just a few days ago the arab league has called for an emergency meeting of the un general assembly to discuss this a humanitarian corridors now in theory the square there should alleviate human suffering and allow for the safe passage of humanitarian workers and refugees but
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in practice when you look at the map of syria it is surrounded by the countries that are being used to smuggle weapons for the free syrian army we are talking about turkey lebanon on iraq possibly even jordan just a few days ago there are there's news agency published the story quoting an f.s.a. officer who was boasting about new deliveries of rocket propelled grenades katyusha rockets anti-tank missiles on the top of that refugee camps on the border with these countries are being used as a recruitment grounds for the militarized syrian opposition my colleague mario. trouble to one of them on the lebanese border just a few days ago and she says that people who run these camps make no secret that they provide humanitarian assistance only to the f.s.a. sympathizers so in this context it's hardly surprising that the syrian authorities reject the idea of humanitarian corridors they believe that all these humanitarian
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talk is here and not their efforts to give a strategic military advantage to the other side also if such were established the syrian government would automatically cede control over a certain parts of its territory and they believe that it would seriously undermine their efforts to fight against terrorism now russia does side with syria on this issue russian foreign minister sergei lavrov ruled out the idea of humanitarian corridors in the current circumstances when certain countries openly supply arms for the syrian. position or acquiesce to that cherry tree being used for arms smuggling and sergei lavrov also sad that if the west and its regional allies were truly interested in putting in the end to violence and stopping black check they should first stop arming the free syrian army. oxana point to reporting right there what it could to have you with us here on the program still to come for you that have a glimpse of the killing. that actually occupies the media now it's like
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you feel you are in the center of stuff tourists are flocking to the israeli occupied golan heights just to get a peek of the deadly action across the border in syria we have those details in just a few minutes. plus a good news for the world's top whistleblower ecuador offers swedish authorities to question julian assange of a sex assault allegations as he continues to fight extradition to america. well now friday is a big day for sports fans around the world only a few hours left until the long awaited summer games kick off in london are preparing for the opening ceremony spectators are flocking to the british capital the olympic torch completing the final kilometers of its seventy day relay. and there we go to these are live pictures actually are not the latest but brand new live pictures here from the final leg of the olympic journey of the torch has
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been making its way towards the games main arena across the river on board a majestic royal barge over what is set to become a thrilling sporting feast for some has already proven to be a nightmare for others as our correspondent laura smith reports that while the city is set to sparkle with energy many londoners have chosen to flee. it's been seven years in the making and the greatest show on earth is finally kicking off. but no everyone's please this has come to town in fact according to research by currency exchange for travelex londoners fleeing their city. people are saying specifically that they want to avoid the olympics you know they look at the street . they look at the congestion and they look at the charges that particular around the london area so they have taken the decision to go
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a third of people traveling this summer will head off during the games but for those who stay behind it will be a television only affair millions ended up disappointed in the public lottery to get tickets and it's recently been revealed that hundreds of thousands of tickets returned by foreign elim pick committees are being privately sold to corporate sponsors it's provoked outrage but not surprised tickets have gone to not only the corporate sponsors but big corporate hospitality packages in general is an inevitable result of the way the going is it done primarily for the interests of the rich and the olympics i'm afraid are just the epitome of some of the worst things in the world the removal of resources from poor people and giving it to rich people parents drop and station they can be no doubt what's going on the whole place is branded london twenty twelve i'm also surrounded by massive billboards on every building there's an advertisement for one of the main corporate sponsors
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b.m.w. lloyds t.s.b. but over here is the stratford that always was struck. it's full of independent traders who have come up against the big corporate sponsors unlike rich corporates local stallholders aren't allowed to capitalize on this world class event in their home town edict from the brand police mean they can't even do use words like a limb pick some or all gold in their advertising any games related merchandise must be official and according to stall holder darell that's not easy it's too much of a really small businesses we call open accounts with huge companies and that's one x. amount of. you know it's very small business i would love so but we might. it's created an uneasy relationship between locals and the games with the corporate monster is such that it's keeping the negativity to the games itself which is just
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so lots of people. upset and not to be positive to book a is really to see structure. being covered and coated with corporate sponsorship so from that point of view i don't like it despite the much vaunted pick spirits it turns out the great is show what is in everyone while the fat cats sit back and watch the limpid catchphrase see the london is the street seize up because of special olympics traffic lanes and their commuter train grinds to a halt as they route the day the games picked their city the first thing i did. was send an email to one of my good friends in paris saying congratulations. r.t. . or let's stay with the sporting theme here on our.
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peculiar sounds of a chat with a lady of many talents aren't you doing sports as well as business i know what a pay rise boy don't i desperate times there are say now there's loads of talk about and i know the size of excitement enthusiasm in london's a day surrounding the elim games i certainly don't want to ruin the party but as far as financial records are concerned the host party is always left with a bit of a hole in their pocket it's a job in about ten minutes time we're going to talk about the financials of the games. civil see katie shortly for now the police in central russia continue to collect evidence following a gruesome discovery earlier this week of almost two hundred and fifty fetuses dumped in a forest and they are thought to have been used in scientific research by a woman who worked at a local medical university before being fired last year but as artie's sean thomas found out some experts think the fetuses could even be the product of cloning.
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right now the investigation is focused on two parts first how did these four plastic containers containing two hundred forty eight fetuses end up in the woods about seventy kilometers north of why and where did these fetuses come from the possible explanation is legal scientific research we do know that all of the fetuses that are in question here were terminated between twenty two and twenty six weeks this is well past of the twelve week mark which is considered legal abortion in russia after twenty two weeks of women can only have an abortion only for medical necessary reasons so is this is illegal abortion operation or is this scientific research no one really knows they're trying to get to the bottom of that we talked to one medical doctor this is what they had to say about the subject. this looks like some sort of organs were removed from fetuses to extract in essence is theoretically can be used to reach people there was
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a criminal case in ukraine want to go. into terminating pregnancies quite late to extract this issue. there is one woman who was in charge of some scientific research in the area she was terminated two thousand and eleven police are looking to see if she had taken some of the material she was working with with her when she left and if this could possibly be that material now there are some other disturbing theories saying that illegal scientific research could be behind this find as well in fact this is what one medical expert says on the subject. it may sound a bit contrasting but these fetuses could have been the product of cloning despite its universal ban and that's why they were thrown out like that these were not future human beings but half human half artificial creatures it's a very daring and this might of course have been the product of miscarriage and the fetuses could have been thrown out and purpose to create scandal and attract attention maybe attract attention to the ban on cloning humans. shocked people
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because. we've been tracking this story from the very beginning following the developments and the feedback that we're getting is that it touches at the very core of what people believe in so it's a controversial story it has shocked many people around the world and of course we'll be continuing to follow developments online at r.t. and here on the screen as well as they become available. we have plenty more on our website as well that r.t. dot com let's have a quick look and see what's waiting for you there right now feeling frustrated think twice before. the line find out how an impulsive twitter post to get you involved in a year long trial. of the european commission wants to spend some four hundred and ten million euros on drones and for solving one of the e.u.'s major crises which one don't go online to find out.
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thanks for joining us here on our to today you know wiki leaks chief julian assange may be inching closer to his goal of asylum in ecuador the country's embassy in london where he's been holed up says it will allow swedish authorities to question their over these sex crimes allegations the whistleblower fears that if he's sent to sweden he could then be moved to the u.s. to stand trial for espionage for publishing classified information ecuador says it will decide on whether to grant asylum to a son after the london olympics which conclude in just over two weeks time one legal adviser of a songes team says that her being able to be questioned in the south american nations embassy provides some hope for the wiki leaks founder. that's positive in two respects it's positive because. julian assange made
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a choice not to go to sweden because he knew in sweden he would be put in prison. not given bail and that it was more likely than not in fact my view was a american lawyer for julian someone that it was almost one hundred percent that he was going to be indicted and extradited to the united states never getting out of it so the fact that he might be able to do what he has been demanding for almost two years which is to be question in london about these allegations would be a major step because it means he could answer questions so it's a major positive development it's one that join us on has been demanding for a long time but despite that the man sweden refused to in the second respect i think it's our hope that when julian gets an opportunity under the circumstances that sweden questions him that he would be exonerated of these allegations and that would be the end of it he should feel wrong first of all that the united states is going after him that you know i'm
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a man who should be protected by our constitution in the first amendment why if united states gets its hands on would be put into an underground prison and treated cruelly like bradley manning was treated the man who allegedly got access to the documents so he's obviously very worried about that situation and very angry at the united states is wanting to suppress what probably one of the major truth tellers in the world today. live from moscow this is r t let's get out to one of our top stories now that of syria the ongoing violence there it's been a week of clashes between rebels of the opposition and out of government forces particularly in the economic hotbed town of aleppo where the violence continues the bloodshed continues more international calls for the implementation of some humanitarian corridors let's let's delve deeper into this now and i'll speak with a german journalist a motherwell officer the writer who's just recently back from syria good to see you today you were in the capital in the so-called battle for damascus so what did you
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see there and i must ask you how does it all add up to what's actually being broadcast by global media. as first good afternoon yes i was for ten days in the syrian capital in damascus right when the so-called battle of damascus went on and what i witnessed was really different to the western media coverage i was checking every day the western media what they reported about syria especially about the months because i witnessed a calm city eyewitness that constantly center i was looking at that in the city quarter of the bustle and of course you heard that there were clashing and that there were fighting sin some supper but in the city center normal life went on the people went out in the evening and back to mind the old city where the cafes where so you just heard from far away maybe five to six kilometers away the bombing and the fight noise but the city itself there was no touch no touch of war so you're
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painting a very curious picture here you were there in damascus for what certain international networks call the ground battle for damascus and you're explaining that yes there were some hot points in the capital but ultimately it was peaceful and calm so what percentage should be chalked up as you're speaking nonsense that we're seeing on international news networks. sorry i didn't understand the question it was that i think the question is i think basically the the average person who's watching news from around the world is being given the image that it's a make or break wall in the middle of damascus you're saying that's not the case no no no no it was really surprising also for me that the media coverage was so much different to the reality i can trust say i think it has to do with the fact that there were not many western journalists in damascus who quote witness themselves what i saw when i was traveling back to beirut after i went through the syrian
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lebanese border that there where the western for t.v. teams interviewing people coming from syria and they are by the way it was the first time i was seeing. the rebel flicks i didn't see them into my skills and in the in the suburbs where i moved around i don't know how the media coverage is made and how it is installed but what i can say is i think it's a sort of media especially from the rebels to give the impression to the west that they are able to put a note of all or even to the damascus because this fact might make the decision much more easy to help them with really last push with for example a military action of the west to overthrow the syrian government as as we all know when it comes to the news business news networks are very good at using small soundbites and dramatic but short pictures to help to paint their story of what they say is going on in damascus you were there for the battle of damascus you're telling me it wasn't quite as what people were explaining what about the week of
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violence in the commercial capital of aleppo people are saying that the battles between rebels and the government this will be the final clash do you believe that . i think in general the battle of bull is the same plot like the devil of damascus what i know from inhabitants i got the information right yesterday it's the same plot that in the city center it is more or less come off chorus they are managing some militants to go into the city center and to make some trouble with gunfights but the war itself is located to the suburbs around a little it is right now not a real war inside the city i think this is an important fact but what makes the situation may be different is the fact that aleppo is located close to the turkish border and we all know that they are a lot of training temps located in turkey right at the border where militants are foreign militants are. infiltrating certainly what we've heard the turkish
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officials are job i do apologize for breaking in here but we've certainly seen the build up of tensions along the turkish border with all sorts of accusations about how tookie might get involved with serbia for it before i run out of time there is one question i must ask you the german government believes that all going is ations with ties to al qaida have committed needed one hundred terror attacks in syria if that is the case why is in and the rest of its nato allies still supporting these rebels. well first of all i am surprised about the surprise in berlin because what they say now what they admit now what is going on in syria is not a thing which goes on since one day or one week this is what is going on there since several months so i am surprised that now they are acknowledging what is going on there with the rebels and of course with sunni extremists with al-qaeda related militants going on against the syrian civilians and the syrian government
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why is germany thought the german government knows about what is going on not able to do a decision about this fact they know this might have to do with the fact that the german government until today is not making a foreign politics like a sobering state should do it. i think we are very close to washington and before a german politician tells anything he will ask in washington if this is ok so i think this has to do with the fact that the german government especially in foreign relations and it's not acting on their own behalf but on the behalf of the so-called western community of friends thank you for the european community but not in the interest of the german country. or the live from beirut that is a german journalist and i will if i thank you so much for coming on r t today i certainly wish we had more time for this conversation thank you so much.
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this is all to live from moscow and washington has begun reaching out to hackers in an attempt to get them on board to aid national security the country's top surveillance chief is right now attending the world's largest hacking conference in las vegas and offering participants some of the major career opportunities and i could represent a major u. turn on washington's approach to cyber warfare in zante its marina portnoy reports over the past two years the f.b.i. has arrested and jailed dozens of a legit how curves and or whistle blowers in connection to groups like wiki leaks. anonymous and the file sharing site mega upload but in addition to prosecuting master hackers it appears as though the u.s. government may soon begin aggressively recruiting them now one indication that many are pointing to is the fact that the head of the u.s. national security agency general keith alexander is expected to speak at the def
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con conference in las vegas now this event is considered to be the world's largest gathering of hopper's and so-called computer geeks and this year an estimated fifteen thousand people are expected to show up general alexander's attendance at def con marks the first time america's top surveillance chief would be participating in this event since it began two decades ago but today in an air of cyber warfare many experts believe that washington may soon begin employ the same people that they've been jailing if it means that the u.s. government stands to benefit from having hackers on team usa reporting from new york. r.t. . or it was during study by the author of business desk good to see you today but i understand you've got the latest market action and you're slipping on some spawn
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that you're going to. sport here's what i've been lunging and stretching holds a war even though they say let's go we've got stocks in europe they are indeed rising for a second day but it's also the european central bank is preparing to buy spanish and italian debt i want companies totalis france's biggest producer to barclays u.k. second largest bank topping estimates is a that's all helping to boost demand it's all good paying for spain is their job is right sky rocketed to a fresh record high of almost twenty five percent let's see how the euro is responding to all of these sentiments just now did recently had a two year high against the dollar one twenty three thirty three as the ruble decide the change of fortunes arsonist next against the basket of currencies this move on speed is of the afternoon we are now we've got mary got the global markets today this friday afternoon that is investors are getting set to close the week on a high after going choppy week really financial days ago lol crude prices rising helping out the high markets here up as he's the movers and shakers. down is net
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profit fell by over a third in the first six months of that yet another gasp from that is gaining its first half net profit raised thirty percent but that's in fashion accounting. passes with throughout the company provided one of its main shareholders at least one of the sound that we are touching and i can argue with four million euros a profit in the first half of the good now trying to get sporty that we've got a football coach fabio capello he's going to try his best at turning russia into one of the world's best before may as well considering his roommates are getting more than five million your eyes for two years work i should certainly hope so i'd call them bright reports. fabio capello was already considering early retirement when he signed up as england coach in two thousand and seven but this year he got an offer he couldn't refuse the russian football union hasn't revealed it simply says it's less than what dick
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advocaat aren't but commentators say it's a salary to envy. for two years away from good pizza and candy it's estimated capello will earn more than five million euros let's compare that to euro twenty twelve record the most expensive national team coach cost just three million besides the lucky italian will reportedly have lower taxes as he's going to pay them in russia his two predecessors paid the dutch tax man which almost half of their final income was russia began to splash the cash on forty coaches six years ago that's when the football union dissatisfied with homegrown talent or the lack thereof invited good hiddink thanks to the generous sponsorship of the man album overture here and seven million dollars in just a year and a half in return he led russia to the last four in euro two thousand and eight but hiddink failed to repeat the success of his fellow dutchman and successor dick advocaat also lacked inspiration it said national teams are not the place to make
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money they're a platform to make a name for yourself fabio capello has already done that but he's still clearly got his eyes on the prize be it a fat paycheck for football glory. and will be the full british prime minister david cameron hopes the olympic games will help the u.k. get back on track but they looking back in history they will always always leave the host country with financial troubles we spent billions maybe it's the thousands will gain access but now is the quantum is collapsing one positive thing about the olympics is that it does increase foreign trade by an average of the real pests than. one thing roy that was a workout. just going to say you know if you are going to the olympics other tourism money will go through the roof or your fowlers you know. i think. i can do the i can yeah i'm sure you can i can katie thanks so much we'll see you soon bye bye just
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a moment on the headlines and then it's going to be people of crosstalk. culture is the same i understand maliana have always been a muslim looking back would be good but isn't the market killing. what explains on high level meeting. does gun ownership really pull up and save.
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the news or sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and worry that this is why you should care only on the algae dot com. russia would be so much brighter if you knew all about song from funniest impressions. he's fun stunts on t.v. don't come.


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